binance币安app始于一九九一年,我公司专业经营国产、进口的 碳钢、合金钢、不锈钢和特殊材质的板材、型钢、无缝管、焊管及其配套的binance币安登录、法兰、binance info官网、垫片、紧固件等工程配套材料。产品符合中国GB 、美国ASTM/ASME、 日本JIS、 德国DIN、 英国BS等标准。我公司是一家专业为石油、化工、电力等行业服务的材料供应商。


    公司立足厦门, 先后为福建炼油化工有限公司、中海油福建LNG、台塑集团、翔鹭石化、腾龙树脂、腾龙PX、后石电厂、嵩屿电厂、龙岩坑口电厂;出口台湾迪发、泰国TPT、越南汪秘电厂、印尼南加电厂等国、内外大型石油、化工、电力、造纸、食品、电器各行业提供大量的各类工程材料,并深受用户单位一致好评。


    Xiamen Teana Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, founded in 1991, is a company specializing in operation of domestic and imported stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel products with all specifications, such as plates, pipes, round bars, profiled bars, pipe fitting, flanges, valves and other auxiliary equipments, which meet the GB, HB, SH, JB and DL standards in China, the ASTM and ASME standards in the USA, the JIS standards in Japan, the DIN standards in Germany, the BS standards in Great Britain.?

    Our company always adheres to the principle of “Providing best services for customers with honest management” for sustainable operation. As a senior supplier of the stainless steel products, we ensure that:

1.Quality Assurance: dealing with the products of various domestic and overseas steal plants as an agent, we have a complete quality assurance system and good resources to assure good quality.

2.Timely Delivery: we have sufficient stocks for materials with normal specifications and also can produce products according to customer requirements. We always put customer benefit first and deliver goods as soon as possible.

3.Reasonable Price: in order to gain a good competitive strength in the market, we supply products with preferential prices and guaranteed quality.?

    Rooted in Xiamen, Our Company successively supplies all kinds of piping materials for large domestic and overseas enterprises in all industries including petroleum, chemical engineering, electricity, paper making, shipbuilding and engineering company; for example, Fujian Oil Refinery, Formosa Plastics Group, China National Offshore Oil Corp. LNG, XiangLu Chemical Fiber Company Limited (XLF), Xianglu Petrochemicals?Co. Ltd. (XLP), Dragon Special Resin (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (DSR), Houshi Power Plant, Songyu Power Plant, Nanping Paper Mill, Dalian Shipyard, Thailand TPT, China Steel Corp., Sumitomo Corporation and CTCI Corporation. We always meet customer requirements and gain a good reputation.

    We sincerely hope that, with our wholehearted services, we can make contribution for your further development. We wish to make progress together with you in the trip of the new century.

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