GB/T3091 低压流体输送用焊接钢管
Welded steel pipes for low pressure liquid delivery
GB/T9711 石油天然气工业输送焊接钢管
Petroleum and natural gas industries steel pipe for pipelines
SY/T5037 低压流体输送管道用螺旋缝埋弧焊钢管
Spiral submerged arc-welded steel pipe for pipelines for low pressure fluid service
SA-53/SA-53M 无镀层及热浸镀锌焊接与无缝公称管
Standard speclflcation for pipe,steel,black and hot-dipped,zinc-coated,welded and seamless
SA-671 常温和低温用电熔化焊钢公称管
Electric-fusion-welded steel pipe for atmospheric and lower temperatures
SA-672 中高压用电熔化焊钢公称管
Electric-fusion-welded steel pipe for high-pressure service at moderate temperatures
SA-691 高温、高压用碳素钢和合金钢电熔化焊公称管
Carbon and alloy steel pipe,electric-fusion-welded for high-pressure service at high temperatures
API SPEC 5L 管线用焊接管
Specification for line pipe
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